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ARTIST: Norman Brown

Born in Toronto Canada, Norman R. Brown is a highly developed and sensitive painter. Painting has been a natural form of expression since childhood. His ability to capture light and vibrant colours, as well as varying moods and feelings within each painting, is quite remarkable. Norman’s paintings are alive with discovering nature and the natural beauty the world offers to all of us. The concern and love he carries for the environment are always evident in his work.

In pursuit of inspiration, Norman has toured coast to coast, with particular emphasis on all of rural Ontario. Norman has received many awards for his work and high praise for his paintings throughout Canada, the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

Development of Work Styles and Media
1970 – 1975 – Watercolour and Oil and Landscapes in Oil
1981 – High Realism Birds and Animals in Acrylic
1987 – Impressionist landscapes in Oil
1991 – Contemporary, Vibrant and Blended Landscapes in Oil

Selected Collections:

  • Thomson Corporations
  • Gold Corporation
  • Hubble Canada
  • Private Collections


Artist Statement:

“I was a dreamer and an artist at a young age. My favorite things about my paintings are the emotions they evoke, the depth, composition, light and color. My favorite colors are the blues and greens. I find them soothing and healing. I try to make each painting come alive. Some of the paintings have a dreamy quality to them while others have an almost musical feeling to them.

I love working in oils because they have a more natural feel to them. Oil paints are adaptable to many different techniques. I use brushwork in the paintings to create movement within the painting.

When I am in the natural world painting, I am reminded of the simple yet complex beauty that is before me. When I begin a painting I take a few moments to meditate on the scene before me. I want to do more than capture the scene. I want to be able to infuse life into the painting, in effect creating a poetic painting.”


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